Any question, that is not answered by this FAQ? Contact me: . Please include the Model and Firmware number of your Fritz!Box.

How do I setup my Fritz!Box for this App?

  1. Open a web browser and open the address of your Fritz!Box (usually http://fritz.box or
  2. Enter the password of your Fritz!Box:
  3. Activate the guest access and fill in all settings:
  4. Make sure that access for Apps (TR-064) is enabled:
  5. Create us user with permissions for FRITZ!Box-Settings:

How do I setup the App?

  1. First, setup the Fritz!Box. See above.
  2. Be sure, your device is connected to the WiFi network of your Fritz!Box.
  3. Open the App. The guest settings page appears, if the App isn’t configured yet (otherwise, tap the settings icon in the lower left corner):
  4. Enter the address of your Fritz!Box. See above.
  5. Enter the user name and the password of the new FRITZ!Box user (not the WiFi password!). See above.
  6. Tap “Done”.

Does the App work on 3G?

The Address http://fritz.box or is only accessible if you’re in your local WiFi. But you can control the guest network from 3G as well:

Setup a VPN connection. If you have established a VPN tunnel between your device and your Fritz!Box, you can access http://fritz.box or as if you’re in your local network. How to setup a VPN is described at the VPN-Service portal at AVM.

Error messages

Error 100:
The App needs internet access, to find the Fritz!Box. In your case, no internet connection was available.

Error 101:
Please make sure, that the URL http://fritz.box is accessible from your iPhone. You must be in the WiFi of your Fritz!Box.
If you want to control the Fritz!Box from a different network, you have to setup the remote access and enter the address (https:).

Error 102, 103, 107, 108, 201, 202, 203:
This error usually occurs, if an unsupported Fritz!Box model is used. Please go to the App settings, and use the option to send me the “App log”. This may help to fix the problem.

Error 104, 109:
This error usually means, that you have entered a wrong password. You have to enter the password of the admin-interface, not the WiFi password.