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How do you enable the Guest Access feature of your Fritz!Box?

Do you still

  • Start your computer
  • Wait til the system comes up
  • Start a web browser
  • Enter the IP-Address of your Fritz!Box
  • Enter the password
  • Navigate to the Guest Access settings
  • Enable Guest Access
  • Click ok

to enable the WiFi for your guests??

With this App it’s as easy as

  • Launch the App
  • Tap one button

You must be connected to the WiFi of your Fritz!Box. If you want to control the guest access from the internet, you have to setup a VPN-connection to your box.

Successfully tested with the models:

  • 3270
  • 3370
  • 3390
  • 6360
  • 6490
  • 7240
  • 7270
  • 7330
  • 7340
  • 7360
  • 7390
  • 7490
  • 7570

You need at least Firmware xx.04.86 to use this App (no Beta-Firmware)

If you own a model not listet here and want support the app development, please contact me (using the support email address). In this case, I may send you a test version of the app. I will try to add support for this box in the next update.